Smart City…Green City. Smart City has become a Green City. While taking care of the environment has become a business trend of sorts, Smart City sees it as an opportunity to sharpen our skills at minimizing waste and using our resources as effectively as possible. In addition to coordinating traditional recycling efforts (e.g., paper, plastic, paper) onsite for team member convenience, Smart City has also leveraged our organizational access to services such as recycling for metal, electronics, cardboard, batteries, cell phones, and more. Other initiatives include the purchase of Transit Connect fleet vehicles for better gas mileage; installation of LED fixtures to replace the fluorescent lights and motion sensors in our restrooms; and the use of 100% green and biodegradable cleaning products.

Each year team members celebrate Green Day at Smart City, learning new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their daily routines, participating in recycling drives and office cleanups, and committing themselves to finding even more ways to be green. Team members have enthusiastically jumped in to lead our efforts to reduce our organizational carbon footprint, sharing their tips and tricks at Daily Line Up meetings, on the Smart City Green SharePoint site, and of course, at Green Day.

Smart City knows that in modeling earth-friendly practices, we can help our team members and their families learn to conserve resources and save money. As one of our employees recently put it, “Since we spend a good portion of our waking hours at work, the habits we develop there make it easy to become green at home.”

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