Hybrid Work is Calling: Hosted Voice is the Answer

By Krista Lockhart • April 17, 2024
Hosted Voice
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The workplace is no longer confined to four walls and a desk for many organizations. With the shift towards remote and hybrid work models, communication technology has taken center stage. Does your company still have traditional PBX phones? Are you weighing the features that are essential for your business and employee needs? Are your communication tools ready for the era of hybrid work? Let’s unpack these questions together.

Hybrid Work Evolution

Remote work isn’t merely a passing trend; it’s reshaping the workplace. The U.S. Census Bureau notes that businesses in Florida have embraced this change. Today over 16% of Florida’s workforce works from home. Nationwide, over 21% of Americans are expected to work remotely by 2025. Computer, business, and financial operations roles are seeing high levels of remote or hybrid work adaptability. Architects, engineers, creatives in media, and even legal professionals are also working from locations beyond the traditional office.

Hosted Voice at the Heart

With hosted voice, organizations benefit from seamless integration, flexibility, and a wide selection of features. They can allow their employees to work from any location with features like our Mobile Apps or Softphone options without losing touch with clients. High customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and cost savings—are a few additional advantages. According to Quantum Workplace’s research, employees on a hybrid work model report the highest levels of engagement. This model seems to be striking the right chord in terms of job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. Hosted voice solutions can be the glue that holds diverse work models together.

Making the switch

So, how do you choose the hosted voice solution that fits your business and communication needs? That’s where Smart City comes in. With over 50 years of telecom experience with small, medium, and large enterprise customers, we can assist you in making the switch to support your clients and employees. We have feature-rich hosted voice solutions and attractive offers—new customers who purchase our Smart Office Max service of 10+ seats or more can save big. Contact us today!

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