Hybrid Work is Calling: Hosted Voice is the Answer

By Krista Lockhart • April 17, 2024
Hosted Voice
Work from home

The workplace is no longer confined to four walls and a desk for many organizations. With the shift towards remote and hybrid work models, communication technology has taken center stage. Does your company still have traditional PBX phones? Are you weighing the features that are essential for your business and employee needs? Are your communication tools ready for the era of hybrid work? Let’s unpack these questions together.

Hybrid Work Evolution

Remote work isn’t merely a passing trend; it’s reshaping the workplace. The U.S. Census Bureau notes that businesses in Florida have embraced this change. Today over 16% of Florida’s workforce works from home. Nationwide, over 21% of Americans are expected to work remotely by 2025. Computer, business, and financial operations roles are seeing high levels of remote or hybrid work adaptability. Architects, engineers, creatives in media, and even legal professionals are also working from locations beyond the traditional office.

Hosted Voice at the Heart

With hosted voice, organizations benefit from seamless integration, flexibility, and a wide selection of features. They can allow their employees to work from any location with features like our Mobile Apps or Softphone options without losing touch with clients. High customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and cost savings—are a few additional advantages. According to Quantum Workplace’s research, employees on a hybrid work model report the highest levels of engagement. This model seems to be striking the right chord in terms of job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. Hosted voice solutions can be the glue that holds diverse work models together.

Making the switch

So, how do you choose the hosted voice solution that fits your business and communication needs? That’s where Smart City comes in. With over 50 years of telecom experience with small, medium, and large enterprise customers, we can assist you in making the switch to support your clients and employees. We have feature-rich hosted voice solutions and attractive offers—new customers who purchase our Smart Office Max service of 10+ seats or more can save big. Contact us today!

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Boosting Business Resilience

By Krista Lockhart • February 1, 2024
Business Partners

Boosting Business Resilience: The Role of a Strategic Telecom Partner

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, where digital transformation is at the forefront, having a reliable and innovative telecom partner is essential for enhancing business continuity and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Smart City Metro explores how businesses can boost their resilience by leveraging advanced services such as Internet connection, SD-WAN, Next-Gen Firewall, Hosted PBX solutions, and Wi-Fi.


Embracing Connectivity: The Foundation of Business Resilience

A solid internet connection forms the backbone of any modern business, hotel, or resort. Choosing the right internet service provider is crucial in an age where connectivity is synonymous with productivity. A strategic telecom partner like Smart City Metro understands the unique needs of your business or resort hotel and offers tailored solutions to ensure seamless connectivity—the proper internet infrastructure and symmetrical bandwidth with dedicated fiber-optic connections can significantly enhance business resilience and guest satisfaction.


SD-WAN: Navigating the Digital Terrain Efficiently

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their resilience. SD-WAN optimizes network performance, increases bandwidth efficiency, and provides dynamic traffic management. This technology allows companies to adapt to changing network conditions in real time, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. Choosing a telecom partner specializing in SD-WAN solutions empowers businesses to navigate the digital terrain with agility and efficiency.


Fortifying Network Security with Next-Gen Firewall

In an era of escalating cyber threats, securing business networks is paramount. A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) goes beyond traditional firewalls by incorporating advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities. A telecom partner with expertise in network security can integrate a robust NGFW into your network architecture, providing a proactive defense against cyber-attacks. By fortifying your business against potential threats, you ensure continuity and build a resilient foundation for growth.


Seamless Connectivity with Wi-Fi Solutions

The modern workplace and hospitality industry is increasingly reliant on wireless connectivity. A reliable Wi-Fi solution is essential for internal operations or providing guest access. A telecom partner offering advanced Wi-Fi solutions ensures seamless connectivity across your business premises or resort hotel. From efficient access point deployment to network optimization, a well-designed Wi-Fi infrastructure enhances business resilience by keeping your workforce connected and productive and your guests happy.


The Cost of Inadequate Resilience

The cost of inadequate resilience in the business sector extends far beyond immediate financial implications, impacting an organization’s viability and reputation. In an era where businesses rely heavily on interconnected digital systems, any disruption due to inadequate resilience can result in substantial downtime, loss of productivity, and compromised data integrity. Beyond the tangible financial burdens, there’s the intangible yet critical factor of reputation damage. Customers, partners, and stakeholders expect seamless operations, and failure to deliver on this front can erode trust and loyalty. Rebuilding a tarnished reputation is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Therefore, investing in and prioritizing resilience is not just a business strategy; it is necessary to safeguard continuity, maintain stakeholder confidence, and thrive in the face of unforeseen challenges.

In the hospitality sector, where first impressions are crucial, any service disruption due to infrastructure failures can have far-reaching consequences. From booking processes to in-room services, guests expect seamless experiences during their stay. A failure to ensure infrastructure resilience not only affects guest satisfaction but also has financial implications. The cost of downtime, loss of bookings, and potential damage to reputation can be significant. Therefore, a resilient telecom infrastructure is essential to maintaining a positive guest experience.


Guest Experience: A Priority in the Hospitality Landscape

In an industry where guests often have only a few nights to form an impression, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience is imperative. Smart City Metro understands the unique challenges the hospitality sector faces and tailors solutions to enhance the guest experience. From reliable high-speed internet to secure Wi-Fi connectivity, every element contributes to creating a positive and memorable stay for guests.


Seizing the Opportunity: New Telco Business Models

As technology evolves, hospitality businesses can use new Telecom business models to elevate their operations. One transformative approach is replacing traditional PBX systems with hosted solutions. A hosted PBX streamlines communication within the hotel and offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. This innovation allows businesses to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences while leaving the complexities of communication infrastructure to a reliable telecom partner.


The Strategic Partnership Advantage

Choosing the right telecom partner is not just about selecting services; it’s about forging a strategic partnership. A telecom provider that understands your business goals and challenges becomes an extension of your team. This partnership goes beyond providing services; it involves ongoing support, proactive monitoring, and the flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs.

Business resilience is a strategic imperative in today’s dynamic environment. Selecting a telecom partner with the proper internet connection, SD-WAN, Next-Gen Firewall, Hosted PBX solutions, and Wi-Fi solutions is a proactive step toward ensuring uninterrupted operations. Smart City Metro encourages businesses, hotels, and resorts to invest in a resilient future by forging strategic partnerships with telecom providers and prioritizing innovation, security, and connectivity. Choose the Smart City Metro as your preferred telecom partner today to boost your business resilience with a free technology assessment from one of our Account Executives at 407-828-6400.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Connectivity

By Krista Lockhart • January 1, 2024
Health Care
Medical Neuroscience Hospital Lab Meeting: Diverse Team of Neuro

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, where every moment counts, the demand for cutting-edge technology is more crucial than ever. Enter Smart City Metro, a beacon of innovation transforming healthcare connectivity through Fiber-Based Internet and Hosted Voice Solutions. This blog post will explore how these advancements reshape the healthcare industry, enhancing patient care, operational efficiency, and productivity.

The Need for Transformation

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, speed and reliability are paramount. Smart City Metro recognizes this need and addresses it head-on with Fiber-Based Internet and Hosted Voice Solutions. These solutions are not just upgrades; they represent a revolution in healthcare connectivity.

Fiber Optic Speeds: A Groundbreaking Innovation in Healthcare

The backbone of Smart City Metro’s transformative solutions lies in fiber optic technology, which can transmit vast amounts of data at incredible speeds via Smart City’s fiber optic network—enabling us to become the go-to solution for healthcare institutions.

Let’s dive into how this speed transforms critical aspects of healthcare delivery:


  • Facilitates seamless virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring.
  • Reduces latency to provide a great video/telemedicine experience.
  • Enhances overall telemedicine experience through reliable connectivity.

Medical Imaging

  • Facilitates rapid transmission of high-resolution medical images.
  • Allows real-time access and analysis, leading to faster diagnoses.
  • Improves collaboration between specialists for more efficient treatment plans.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

  • Ensures quick and secure access to cloud-based HER/EMR platforms.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Speed in Healthcare Delivery

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Improves operational efficiency by allowing usage of check-in kiosks, reducing waiting times for patients.
  • Enables comprehensive care coordination through efficient data sharing.
  • Easily adapts to changing call volumes and ensures the system can handle increased usage without compromising quality.

Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Provides faster access to physicians, remote monitoring, and real-time consultations.
  • Facilitates quicker interpretation of medical images for timely interventions.

Advanced Medical Research

  • Accelerates sharing of large volumes of medical research data.
  • Fosters real-time collaboration among researchers worldwide.

The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Smart City Metro understands that the future of healthcare delivery hinges on high-speed, low-latency networks. The rise of telemedicine, remote monitoring, and data-intensive applications necessitates a forward-thinking approach. The adoption of fiber optic technology for modern healthcare delivery positions the industry to meet evolving demands with speed and reliability.

Seamless Communication with Hosted Voice Solutions

In addition to fiber-based internet, Smart City Metro offers Hosted Voice Solutions that streamline communication within healthcare establishments. This platform ensures clear and reliable communication, fostering collaboration among healthcare teams. Here’s how:

Clear and Reliable Communications

  • Hosted Voice Solutions provide crystal-clear audio quality, ensuring healthcare professionals can communicate effectively without disruptions.
  • A cloud-based and fully managed voice and video calling solution can be accessed and managed anywhere you are on any device.

Enhanced Telemedicine Capabilities

  • Advanced features like call recording, voicemail transcription, and analytics. These features can enhance the efficiency of telemedicine communications, aid in documentation, and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement.
  • Prioritize voice traffic, ensuring high-quality audio during telemedicine consultations.

Cost-Efficiency and Future-proofing

  • Get the enhanced feature-functionality of a cloud-based IP-PBX system without the initial investment and ongoing maintenance of expensive telephone equipment.
  • The scalable nature of these solutions ensures that the investment can adapt to the evolving demands of the healthcare landscape, providing a future-proof communication infrastructure.

Embracing the Future

Smart City Metro remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation as technological advancements reshape industries. The integration of fiber optic technology, particularly in high-speed connections, is transforming healthcare delivery. With Smart City Metro, the healthcare industry is positioned to provide exceptional and connected medical services in the digital era. The revolution has begun, and Smart City Metro is leading the way. For a free digital needs assessment, call one of our Account Executives at 407-828-6400 or visit our website at smartcitymetro.com.

Unleashing the Power of SD-WAN

By Krista Lockhart • December 1, 2023
SD-WAN from Smart City Metro.

Unleashing the Power of SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) and Security for the Enterprise

SD-WAN emerges as a transformative force in the dynamic landscape of enterprise networking, where performance, reliability, and security are paramount. Smart City Metro proudly offers industry-leading SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions, revolutionizing how businesses connect and secure their networks.

SD-WAN: A Game-Changer for Enterprise Networks

SD-WAN has rapidly become a go-to solution for enterprises seeking to enhance their wide-area networks (WANs). This innovative technology enables businesses to deploy application-driven and secure WANs, effectively addressing the operational complexities associated with legacy architectures.

The Key Advantages of SD-WAN:
  1. Increased Performance and Reliability:
    • SD-WAN optimizes network performance, ensuring applications run seamlessly and efficiently.
    • Redundancy features reduce downtime, providing a reliable and resilient network infrastructure.
  2. Operational Simplicity:
    • The transition to SD-WAN eliminates the complexities of managing multiple appliances and consolidating services into a single, multi-service platform.
    • Configuration, monitoring, and analytics are streamlined through a user-friendly, single-pane-of-glass interface.
  3. Cost-Efficiency:
    • Leveraging SD-WAN allows businesses to easily configure secure, private internet connections, resulting in lower costs and higher-speed WAN circuits.
  4. Enterprise-Class Routing and Security:
    • Smart City Metro’s SD-WAN bundles include best-in-class features, such as enterprise-class routing, Layer 4 Firewall, Denial of Service protection, and more.
Smart City Metro’s Secure SD-WAN Offerings

Smart City Metro, in strategic partnership with Versa Networks, provides turn-key cloud-managed SD-WAN and Security services. Our Secure SD-WAN offerings cater to diverse business needs, delivering advanced features, competitive solutions for small to medium businesses (SMBs), and private connectivity for remote or home-based employees.

Key Features:
  1. Base Features:
    • Routing, industry-leading SD-WAN, and Layer 4 security are foundational components for all offerings.
  2. Advanced Security:
    • Add-ons include Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS), and other key security features.
  3. High Availability:
    • Ensures uninterrupted service by deploying two hardware appliances at each location, minimizing disruptions in case of device failure.
  4. App Assure:
    • Enhances reliability and performance for critical applications like voice or video, ensuring continuity even in the event of a WAN failure.
Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business

Smart City Metro’s SD-WAN and SASE solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you’re an enterprise requiring advanced features, an SMB seeking competitive solutions, or supporting a remote workforce, there’s a customized offering to suit your requirements.

In the era of digital transformation, embracing SD-WAN is not just a technological upgrade—it’s a strategic investment in the efficiency, security, and future readiness of your enterprise. Explore the possibilities with Smart City Metro and elevate your network to new heights. Contact one of our Sr. Account Executives for a complimentary needs assessment at 407-828-6400.

Is There a Best Time to Switch Your Business Internet Service Provider?

By Krista Lockhart • November 1, 2023
Fiber Internet Services

A reliable internet connection is the lifeblood of most businesses. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, a fast and dependable internet service is essential for day-to-day operations. However, not all internet service providers (ISPs) are created equal, and there may come a time when you need to consider switching to a different business Internet service provider. But is there a best time to make this switch? Let’s explore the factors to consider when contemplating switching ISPs.

Contract Expiration:

One of the most straightforward times to consider switching your business ISP is when your current contract is nearing its expiration date. Most ISP contracts typically run for one to three years and often contain clauses specifying the notice period required for cancellation. Review your contract terms, make a note of the expiration date, and then start researching alternative providers well in advance. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your options without feeling rushed.

Performance and Reliability:

If you’ve been experiencing consistent issues with slow speeds, frequent outages, or unreliable service, it’s a clear sign that it might be time to switch. Your business relies on a stable internet connection to function efficiently, and any interruptions can lead to lost productivity and revenue. Document the issues you’ve encountered and compare them with the promises made by potential new ISPs to ensure a better fit for your needs.

Dedicated Internet Service Providers include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in their contracts to outline the terms and conditions of the services they provide, and the level of performance customers can expect. SLAs vary from one ISP to another, but they typically include provisions related to several key areas:

Uptime and Availability: ISPs often specify the guaranteed uptime percentage in their SLAs. For example, they may commit to providing 99.9% uptime over the course of a month. If the ISP fails to meet this uptime commitment, they may offer service credits or compensation to the affected customer.

Latency and Packet Loss: SLAs may include metrics related to latency (network delay) and packet loss (data packet drop rate). The ISP might guarantee specific performance levels in these areas, and if they consistently fail to meet these benchmarks, it can trigger SLA violations.

Bandwidth and Throughput: Some SLAs specify minimum and maximum bandwidth or throughput levels that the ISP promises to deliver. If the actual performance falls below the agreed-upon thresholds, it can be considered an SLA violation.

Response and Resolution Times: ISPs often define the expected response and resolution times for customer support requests or service disruptions. If the ISP takes longer than the specified timeframes to address issues, it may be in violation of the SLA.

Maintenance and Downtime: SLAs typically outline scheduled maintenance windows during which the ISP may temporarily interrupt service. These windows are usually outside of regular business hours. The SLA may also specify the notice period required for such maintenance.

Escalation Procedures: SLAs may include procedures for escalating service issues if they are not resolved within a certain timeframe. This ensures that more senior support personnel become involved in problem resolution.

If an ISP consistently fails to meet the SLA requirements outlined in the contract, there is typically some sort of compensation for the customer, including:

Service Credits: ISPs may offer service credits or compensation to customers for downtime or service disruptions that exceed the agreed-upon SLA thresholds. These credits can be applied to future invoices.

Contract Termination: In severe cases where the ISP repeatedly fails to meet SLA requirements, the customer may have the right to terminate the contract without penalties or fees.

Renegotiation: Customers may have the option to renegotiate the terms of their contract if SLAs are not being met consistently.

It’s crucial for businesses to carefully review the SLA terms before signing a contract with an ISP and to understand what remedies are available in case of SLA violations. Additionally, customers should monitor their ISP’s performance and document any instances of SLA non-compliance. This will ensure they receive the appropriate compensation or resolution.

Changing Business Needs:

As your business grows and evolves, so do your internet requirements. If you’ve expanded your operations, added more employees, or started utilizing bandwidth-intensive applications and services, your existing ISP may no longer be able to meet your demands. Assess your current and future needs to determine if your ISP is still the right fit or if it’s time to upgrade to a more robust plan or switch to a provider better equipped to support your evolving requirements.

Cost Considerations:

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. If you find that your current ISP is charging higher rates than what competitors are offering for similar or better services, it might be financially prudent to switch. Additionally, be on the lookout for promotional offers and deals from other providers that could save your business money without compromising on quality.

Customer Service:

The level of customer service provided by your ISP can greatly impact your overall experience. If you’ve had repeated negative encounters with your current provider’s customer support, consider this a red flag. Excellent customer service is crucial for quick issue resolution and a smooth internet experience. Research potential new ISPs to gauge their customer service reputation through reviews and testimonials.

Technological Advancements:

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, and newer technologies can offer better internet solutions for businesses. For instance, if your current ISP primarily offers DSL or cable internet, but there’s now fiber-optic service available in your area. It may be worth exploring the switch for the significant speed and reliability improvements that fiber offers.

Why consider switching to Smart City Metro? 

Smart City Metro’s advanced fiber technology ensures seamless network functionality. Our top-notch 100% local service and support elevate your experience to excellence. With 50 years of experience, we offer enhanced reliability and flexibility with unparalleled personal assistance. Get the tailored Enterprise-class network services you require, delivered via our state-of-the-art all-fiber network, and reinforced by the highly responsive, locally-based customer support you’ve been longing for. 

While there may not be a single “best” time to switch your business internet service provider, several factors can help you determine when it’s the right moment for your specific circumstances. Be proactive in assessing your current ISP’s performance, contract status, costs, and customer service to make an informed decision. By doing so, you can ensure that your business stays connected and competitive in today’s digital landscape.

When you’re ready to make the switch to a faster, more reliable Fiber Internet Solution, contact one of our Dedicated Account Executives at 407-828-6400. Our team will help you choose the best services for your business and create a customized, scalable option to meet your business demands.

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