All-Fiber Network Provider Expands in Central Florida, Giving Businesses a New Choice

By Krista Lockhart • October 27, 2023
Smart City Van

Smart City Metro, an infrastructure-based connectivity provider, is rapidly expanding throughout Central Florida with the buildout of its new, all-fiber network.  With this strategic expansion and locally based presence, Smart City Metro is now ready to serve organizations as a reliable partner, offering cutting-edge connectivity solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of its customer base.

“In this highly competitive market, we are excited about what this expansion does to bring better choices to the businesses in the Central Florida and Space Coast regions,” said Nicholas Lenoci, vice president, Sales and Marketing. “With a portfolio of all-fiber Internet and Ethernet solutions, Hosted Voice, SD-WAN and cloud services, we have the communication services to compete and the nimbleness to deliver.  We can quickly help organizations change their communication services to meet their evolving needs and deliver solutions that help them thrive and grow.”

Smart City Metro has already built over 700 miles of its all-fiber network across Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Polk, Lake, and Brevard Counties, delivering high-performing, secure fiber-based connectivity to businesses in the region. They plan to continue to expand the network and launch industry-leading fiber and cloud-based solutions.

With deep roots in the area and a corporate office in Lake Buena Vista, Smart City has been a trusted partner of the Walt Disney World Co. and the neighboring hotels, restaurants, homes, condominiums, retail stores, and other businesses since 1971, and the Orange County Convention Center since 2003.  The company’s long history of innovation includes delivering the first fiber-optic network in the nation and the first 911 service in Florida.  Today, the company operates one of the most advanced telecommunications platforms available.

As a locally owned and operated subsidiary of Smart City, Smart City Metro sets itself apart from its competitors by providing an elevated experience with hands-on, personalized customer service.  Smart City’s founders and employees believe the company is more than just a reliable Internet service. It’s about operating with integrity without compromise, delivering what they say, and focusing on providing superior customer satisfaction.

“Smart City has progressive leadership and an innovative corporate history going back more than 50 years,” states Lenoci. “Right now, we have something special. We are a small but growing privately held company.  We are dedicated to providing a personal level of service, treating our customers with respect, and being there for them when they need support. We believe that customer service is at the core of everything one does in a business or organization. If a company provides good service, it will be rewarded with growth.”

Lenoci added, “Being a Central Florida-based operator, it’s that personal touch that we provide. We live in the communities that we serve.  We connect with our customers. And we are dedicated to delivering best-in-class products and services.”

Smart City Metro, a subsidiary of Smart City, is a locally based alternative to traditional telecommunication services to businesses in the Central Florida and Space Coast regions. As a full-service communications service provider with an advanced all-fiber network, the company offers Fiber Internet and Ethernet Access, Hosted Voice and Unified Communications, Managed Services, and colocation and operates a local 24×7 Network Operations Center.  To learn more about Smart City Metro’s services, go to


Smart City: Your local provider, with a locally based team and owned fiber network.

    • Full-service telecommunications company headquartered in Orlando.
    • Facilities-based provider, with an extensive network throughout Central Florida and the Space Coast.
    • Proven delivery and support experience.
    • Locally based customer service and technical support.
    • 24×7 local Network Operations Center for remote support.


“We are excited about what this network expansion does for the businesses in Central Florida who need a modern all-fiber network that can meet the challenging demands of organizations of all sizes. We are dedicated to providing an all-fiber network, cutting edge technology and superior customer service, and will continue to invest and expand to meet the needs of the market.”

Nicholas Lenoci, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Smart City Metro

Nicholas Lenoci, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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